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Autologin with Windows

One of the features of Windows that sometimes irks me is the multiple user log in. I mean it’s great when family or friends use my computer because it allows me to maintain my privacy and security, but the downside is that it puts a huge halt on my computer’s boot up. Let me explain; have you ever powered on your computer, walked away to grab a cup of coffee and when returned a few minutes later only to find that the computer is still waiting for you to log in with a username and password? Then, after you log in, it still takes another few minutes for the desktop and system to fully load. Waiting for this productivity dampener to end can seem like an eternity! Well I got sick of this hassle, and developed a workaround, and I’d like to share it with you today. I’m sure you’ll love it too!

To save us a load of time on booting up, we’ll alter Windows settings to make your user account automatically login. Let’s begin!

First, click the Start button and in the search box enter control userpasswords2, and press Enter.

The User Accounts window will open, and you’ll see all of the users of your computer listed. Uncheck the box labeled Users must enter a username and password to use this computer, then select Apply.

Now you’ll be prompted to enter the information so that a username and password are not required to login, which is exactly what we want. Go ahead and type in your username and password so that Windows automatically logs in to your account.

Press OK, and voila! We are done! If you restart your computer, you will see that Windows bypasses the option to select a user and automatically logs into your account. Now you may be thinking that this setting poses a threat to your security because any passerby could potentially gain access to your files. Also, if another family member or friend wants to use your computer, they are confined to using your account. You are absolutely correct, so allow me to show you a second trick to make this hack complete!

After our computer boots up and logs in to your account, we will have it trigger a Lock function on its own, so that your desktop and system will continue to load. Since there is a lock screen however you need your password for access. In addition, other users can choose their own account.

Open up your Start menu, select All Programs, and find the Startup folder. Right click Startup, and click Open.

Once the Startup folder opens, right-click anywhere and select New followed by Shortcut, and the Shortcut Wizard will commence.

In the Type the location of the item text box, copy and paste the following file path, and click Next.

rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation

The next screen will ask you to name the shortcut, all you have to is press Finish.

Now, if you reboot your computer, you’ll notice that it autologs into your username, then in a moment the computer locks and shows all of the users of the computer. It displays Logged on underneath your name, which means your desktop is loading. You also have the option to select a different user account if you so desire.

Using this method, you can power on your computer, step away for a moment or two, come back and get right to work, saving you quite a bit of time! Nice!

Note: In XP and Windows 7, hold the Windows key and press the R key (Win+R). This will bring up Run. In Run, type the same command, control userpasswords2

Click OK or hit the Enter key.

This will open the User Accounts dialog box. From that point, you should be able to follow the directions in the tip.

~ Jay Neil Patel