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Automatic Image Resizing in Internet Explorer

Have you ever been browsing around, looking for images in Internet Explorer and come across a picture that you know won’t fit your screen, but you click on it anyways? Well, recent versions of IE have this neat feature called Automatic Image Resizing, which will shrink large images so they can be viewed with ease.

Today we’re going to learn how to turn it off. Why, you ask? Well, say you’re hunting around for high resolution images and you want a genuine idea of how big it really is. Automatic Image Resizing will need to be turned off to do so.

Automatic Image Resizing On

Automatic Image Resizing Off

Click Tools>Internet Options
and click the Advanced tab. Scroll down until you see “Enable Automatic Image Resizing” and un-check the box next to it. Now you’ll see images in their natural full-sized state! You can turn Automatic Image Resizing back on by following the same steps and re-checking the box.