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Automatic Numbering in Word Tables

Automatic Numbering in Word Tables

Did you know you can use the Numbering feature in MS Word within a table?

Let’s suppose you need to number an entire row, column or a block of cells. You could go through and hand-type each number, but that could turn out to be a nightmare if you tried to go back and delete the cells later. Or, you could get Word to do it for you!

All you have to do is highlight the cells to be numbered and click the Numbering button.


Instantly, the cells are numbered, just like any other list in your document.

Also, as a bonus, you can do this same trick with Word’s bullet feature.

There is one thing about Word’s behavior I’d like to mention first though.

If you place the numbers into cells that contain text and you have used the Enter key to create different lines of text in a single cell, the numbering may not appear as you anticipated.

In the example below, the third cell down used the usual word wrap for the text, whereas the cell on the right used the Enter key between words.

As you can see, when the Enter key is used, it will number each line within the cell.

If that isn’t the way you want your document numbered, I suggest you by-pass it by putting your numbers in their own column on the left.

There you have it. Getting Word to do the numbering for you is the best way to go!

~ April