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AutoRecover in MS Office

The power goes out…

The program stops responding…

You entire system crashes…

Whatever the cause, you just had the program close unexpectedly and your work is gone… gone… gone…

Or maybe not.

If you’ve got the AutoRecover feature active, then you might be in for a pleasant surprise!

With the AutoRecover feature working in the background, a fairly recent version of the file should open when you restart the program.

I say “fairly recent” because the time interval you set the last AutoRecover save, may have been a few minutes ago. (Still, it’s better to have to back up a few minutes worth of work than redo everything you’ve accomplished since you started.)

Anyway, to enable the AutoRecover feature of a program, we need to get to the Options dialog box.

In Office 2007, you’ll use the Office Button to reach the program’s Options button, found in the bottom right corner.

In Office 2010 you’ll need the File tab, Options choice.

Regardless of the program, you’ll next need to navigate to the Save category.


On the right, locate the “Save AutoRecover information every ___ minutes” option.

Make sure that the checkbox is selected and then set a minute interval for the saves.

Click OK.

That should do it – for that program – they all have their own set of options, so you’ll need to make sure this one is turned on in any program you work with.

I should make a very important point at this time… the AutoRecover feature does not replace the old rule of thumb… Save, Save, Save… oh yeah… and Save some more.

Nothing replaces saving a file frequently, especially when you’ve completed something that you really like and have no desire to risk losing it.

The good news is that the next time the program closes unexpectedly, you should find yourself in a fairly good position… AutoRecover has got your back.

~ April