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AutoRip: Buy A CD, Get A Free Digital Copy From Amazon

Amazon now offers free digital albums with a CD purchase. When you buy a CD, Amazon.com will give you a free digital copy of that album. They’ll even give you a digital copy of music you purchased 15 years ago.

The online retailer has introduced a new AutoRip CD service. If you buy an eligible CD, they will automatically upload a free digital version of that album to your Amazon Cloud Player. That music will then be available for listening on your computer, Kindle Fire, Android phone, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can stream and download the music on any Amazon Cloud Player-enabled device.

Music from past Amazon CD purchases, as far back as 1998 will be delivered to your Amazon Cloud Player, as long as the tacks are AutoRip-eligible.  The company does warn that all tracks from past album purchases may not be available for this service.  You might only get copies of selected tracks from older purchases.

I just logged onto my Amazon Cloud account was pleasantly surprised to find fifteen years’ worth of my Amazon music purchases had been imported. I was also somewhat surprised to find out how much music from Glee I seemed to have bought over the years.

 The service is not available outside of the U.S. and gift purchases are not eligible.