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AutoRun Tweak

AutoRun Tweak

Today’s tip is great for those of you who like to share CDs with your family and friends. Whenever I share a CD with a friend, I like it to look as professional as possible. I stumbled across a program called 1st AutoRun Express and I was amazed at the professionalism it added to my CDs. I will show you what it does right now!

The program, 1st AutoRun Express, allows you to create an AutoRun for CDs. An AutoRun is when a program or document automatically pops up when you put a CD in your computer. You may have noticed that in CDs that you buy from a store, as soon as you put them in, an installation window appears. So, if you want to send a presentation to a friend, the presentation will automatically open and be ready to be viewed. Are you ready to create an AutoRun for your CDs? Then let’s go!

1. First, you need to download 1st AutoRun Express. That’s the program we will be using in this tip. The download link can be found here.

2. After you have installed the program, open it up.

3. You’ll see a screen like this:

4. You’ll then see that the program wants to know a folder with the files that you are going to burn. So, create a new folder and drag all of your files that you want to burn in there. Then come back to 1st AutoRun Express and hit Select. Find the newly created folder and click Hit and then click OK. Then click Next.

5. In the screen that appears, select “Launch a single program or document without user interaction” and select Next.

6. You should then see a screen like this:

Hit Select and find the file in the folder you created that you want to open when the CD is put in. Then click Next.

7. Next, select an icon for your CD. This step is optional. You can get tons of icons for no charge at www.iconarchive.com. If you do select an icon, choose Select and find the one you downloaded. Next, type in the name of your CD and select Finish.

8. Finally, you’ll see a screen like the one above. If you hit Browse, you’ll notice that two extra files were added to your folder. When you burn the CD, make sure you burn all of the files inside of the folder and not the folder itself.

Now, go out and amaze your friends with your amazing AutoRuns!

~ Neil Patel