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AutoShape Rotation in MS Office

Posted By Andrew On September 2, 2010 @ 11:50 AM In MS Office Help | No Comments

Do you draw and use shapes in the MS Office Suite programs?

I just love those little AutoShapes for highlighting the really important stuff. But… have you ever wished that you could use it at a slightly different angle? You know, a little something in your document, spreadsheet, presentation or message that isn’t plain old horizontal or vertical? Something that really catches the eye.

Well, if you’ve ever wished for that extra bit of control over your shapes then here’s the information you need to know.

  • First, let’s draw an AutoShape. How about this one?


  • Now that you have the drawing, you’re looking for the small green handle.
  • This is the rotation handle and it will allow you to free rotate the AutoShape around the center of the object. Just click and drag the handle.

For an extra bit of rotation control here’s a couple of tips to try:

  • Try holding down the Shift key while you rotate the shape. You’ll find that the figure will rotate in 15 degree increments around the center of the object.
  • Using the Ctrl key while rotating the object changes the point of rotation to the blue handle opposite of the green one.

Yes, it’s all in the little green rotation handle. With that, you can see things from a whole different angle!


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