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Ava Find

Ava Find

I would honestly have to say that the person who designed Windows’ search feature was probably half asleep when they were doing it. I mean, it’s so very slow! It can take up to one hour to complete a search with just a simple and common criterion. And I don’t know about you, but I am often forced to use it, because I have files scattered all over my computer. So, even though using it drives me up the wall, I have to. So, one day I became so frustrated that I decided to look around for a better alternative. The results I found were shocking and I’ll share them with you right now!

The program I found is called Ava Find. One user claimed that this product is a search feature on steroids and boy, were they right! Ava Find can complete even the hardest searches in less than one second. It’s absolutely wonderful!

To Use Ava Find:

1.) First, download Ava Find from this link. Follow the instruction procedure and when you are done, open Ava Find. It will then immediately start building its search cache for your computer. This can take up to a few minutes, depending on how many files you have on your computer.

2.) As you can see, Ava Find has a very simple interface.

3.) The search criteria box is at the top of the screen. Let’s put our new program to the test, shall we?! Type anything in the search box that you want.

4.) As long as there is a file on your computer with the name you type in, you should have received your results in less the one second. Cool, huh?!

To see exactly how long it took and how many files were found, look slightly below the search box.

In this picture, it took 0.4 seconds to find 200 files. How amazing is that?!

Now, let’s dive into some of the features of Ava Find. Ava Find has a filter that will let you see only music, picture, movie and downloaded files. To activate this filter during a search, just click on of the Filter Buttons.

Newly saved, created or downloaded files appear right in the small window on the right, which is called Scout Bot. It’s also useful if you didn’t pay attention to where you saved a file.

Ava Find also has a feature called My Picks and it shows files recently opened with Ava Find. It also lets you pin frequently used items to the top of the list.

Ava Find also allows you to save your searches so you can run frequently repeated searches without having to retype them every time. You can also save the results if you want to print them or anything else.

One more thing: Ava Find can also help you mange your computer. You can sort all of your files by size to see which ones take up the most space, etc. The file size is displayed right next to the file, so you don’t have to right click and choose Properties, like you have to in Windows Explorer.

As you can see, a lot can come in a little package and I hope you enjoy this program as much as I did!

~ Neil Patel