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We’ve been talking a lot about different computer terms lately, so I thought I would finish the week off with one more. Have you ever heard of AVI? Maybe you know it as Audio Video Interleave. Either way, it is the term used to describe a multimedia format for videos used on computers. AVI was introduced by Microsoft back in 1992 and has stuck around ever since.

AVI files contain both audio and video data sets and they support streams from those two types of formats, which deal with simultaneous playback. AVI files also have extensions, so if you ever see something like AVI 2.0, those are just extra features that come along with that particular AVI file when you have a video playing. Some of those extensions are developed by Matrox OpenDML and they are also supported by Microsoft.

To some, AVI files are considered to be an outdated form of a video container. When they are used with certain types of multimedia, there is always an extra overhead, which increases the file size to more than is needed, which can create some problems. Although there are some limitations with the AVI format, it is still popular with a lot of file sharing communities. They are also very compatible with Windows Media Player, which is a very well known media player.

If you are a major file sharer, you just basically have to decide for yourself and use what works best for you, right?!

~ Erin