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Baby Names Hub

Baby Names Hub not only brings you the ability to search for baby names, but they’ve also compiled baby name lists, histories, and allow users to review the names.  They even offer a lot of really neat naming tools.

So where do you begin? If you already have a name that you’d like to learn more about, you can type into the search field at the top right side of the page. If you’re here looking for names and don’t have one in mind, why not try the alphabetical menu at the top of the page – or you can click the Browse Names tab on the green navigation bar to access the alphabetical menu as well.

Your other options are to look at Naming Trends where you can put in a name and generate charts that will show which years the name was a popular name. This is great for avoiding names that are trendy right now. 

Next you can look at Boy or Girl on the green navigation bar. You’ll put in a name and it will look at naming data to show you if that name is primarily in use for boys or girls. Another fun tool is Compare Names, you type in two names and select the gender for each one, and then click the Submit Query button.  It then generates a chart showing you how popular the name has been from 1880 to 2010. This would be a great way to pick between two names if you were having difficulty selecting one over the other.

This site provides you with the statistical data of naming, so that you can take more than just the meaning of the name you’ve chosen for your baby into consideration.

http://www.babynameshub.com/ [1]