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Back to the Way it Was

Back to the Way it Was

Do you use one of the newer versions of MS PowerPoint?

How do you like the new version of the Normal View?

I’m sure some people love all the little panes that automatically surround your slide. I mean, a place for notes right at the bottom and a visual of slides or an outline down the left side are just the things some people are looking for.

But, did you notice that all the extra panes didn’t come for “free”?

There was a price and that price was paid in the size of the slide you’re editing. To accommodate all that extra stuff, your slide got smaller.

If you’ve got a large monitor, I’m sure you don’t mind, but what if you do?

Looking for a quick way to go back to bigger slides for editing in the Normal View?

No problem.

To return to the “way it was,” simply use Ctrl + Shift + click the Normal View button.

You’ll go from this:

To this:

With that one little click, it’s all done for you. (Definitely more slide visibility in this view!)

Change your mind?

Once again, not a problem. Just click the Normal View button again (without the Ctrl + Shift) and you’re back to where you started. It’s simple either way!

~ April