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Back Up or Move Your Word Custom Dictionary

Back Up or Move Your Word Custom Dictionary

Do you have an extensive custom dictionary in Word?

It would definitely be to your advantage to back that file up once in awhile don’t you think? After all, if you have a lot of entries, it’s faster to back it up than to recreate it if you should have system problems later.

Or, if it’s a dictionary you’re looking to transfer from one computer to another, this same information comes into play.

If you locate the dictionary file(s) on the old system, it’s just a quick copy to the correct location in the new system and voila! Your custom dictionary transfers and there’s no recreating from scratch.

So, it’s just a matter of knowing what the custom dictionary is called, locating the file and either backing it up to another storage location or copying it to its new home. So, let’s get to business.

Your default custom dictionary is called CUSTOM.dic and now all you need is a push in the right direction for locating the file. (Any additional custom dictionaries you’ve created have the .dic file extension too).

I found my custom dictionary along with all my others at: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Microsoft\Proof

If that doesn’t seem to match your system, try a search for files with the .dic extension.

At any rate, once you have the file(s) located, you’re ready to back it up, move it or whatever your heart desires!

~ April