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Background Save? What’s That?

Background Save? What’s That?

I received another question from a reader regarding the background save options in MS Word. (This can be found via the Tools menu, Options choice, Save tab.)


Pretty much the question was “what is it?” The reader expected this option to have Word frequently save the file quietly in the background – avoiding your need to initiate saves. (Let’s face it – not too bad of an interpretation given the way Microsoft named it.) Unfortunately, that’s not what it does at all.

Even with this option checked you need to save, and save often, to avoid lost work.

So… what exactly is it doing for you?

I did some digging and found this answer – per the online help Word had to offer – a background save is something Word does when you initiate a file save.

Ever work with a very large file or on a slow computer? Did you get tired of waiting for the save to end so you could keep working?

Well – according to what I found the background save feature “saves documents in the background, so you can continue working in Word while you save a document”.

Ever notice the pulsing disk icon in the status bar when Word is saving? That disk is letting you know that it’s completing a background save and you’re free to continue working.

Now I’ve got be honest here, it’s been a long time since I’ve worked on a system that ran so slow or a document so long that I would actually need this – on the other hand, it’s never a bad thing to have a little extra help when you’re in a hurry.

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