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Ball Droppings

A wild Chrome Experiment leads to a strangely addicting experience. By combining JavaScript with Google Chrome you can create amazing music by playing with this application. (I’m going to assume this only works with Google Chrome, I tried it in Internet Explorer and while it loads it freezes after you draw the first line.)

The experiment/music game is easy to play: when the page loads you’ll notice the ball dropping. Beneath the play area you’ll find the instructions and controls. All you have to do is turn your sound up (you are making music after all) and start drawing lines on the field using your mouse.  When the ball bounces off the lines you’ve drawn it makes music. 

Want more advanced controls? Well you can reset the experiment at any time by clicking the reset button. You’ll also find controls for the ball drop rate and the gravity. Click the plus buttons to increase the rate or gravity and the minus buttons to decrease them.

And remember, I warned you that it is addicting!

http://balldroppings.com/js/?1 [1]