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Basic Video Shooting Tips

Basic Video Shooting Tips

It’s a much loved pastime now. You know, picking up a video camera and shooting some footage albeit family videos or even an attempt at a movie script. The short movie industry has seen a proliferation of movies from kindred enthusiasts, as well as, them being hosted on sites like YouTube and Atom Films.

Whether it’s a family shoot, a college project or a short fictional movie, anyone can learn some very basic techniques to ensure a smoothly shot piece of video. Once you’ve shot your video, you’ll probably want to put it on the Web, but I’ll tackle that in another article. For today, my intention is to show you how to keep your video recording sharp. If the video is to be hosted online, some fine tuning during shooting is required. A little attention will ensure sharp detail and a great video clip for showing to friends, family or unsuspecting producers. Here we go!

Now, preparing video for the Web requires compression and as I said earlier, I will cover that in another article. For this article, I hope I have helped to offer up some useful tips on shooting video for the Web. Filming invites great enjoyment and even more of a buzz when you can showcase the movie to friends and family over the Internet. Most importantly, have fun with it!

~ Stephen Davies