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Battery Options for Samsung Devices

You are an iPhone hater and love all things Android. The result: You opt for either the Galaxy Note or the sensational S3. However, the battery drains because of  the 100-odd apps on your phone. Not Samsung’s problem, though, because without the apps, the phone worked perfectly for two days before going down…

The super AMOLED screen isn’t helping either. So what do you do?

How about opting for these nifty power options so your phone is never left high and dry? Your watering hole on the Internet for all these Samsung products is right here [1]

1. Extended Battery: It’s best to keep another battery on hand – just in case you are out and about, but your phone is without juice. The u380 1500mAh lithium ion extended battery is engineered to offer additional battery life for your handset.Costs $49.99 here [2]. And don’t forget to buy the extended battery cover sold separately for $9.99 h [3]ere [3]. Since these batteries are on the heavier side, the traditional battery cover will not work.

2. Charging Dock: The multipurpose Spare Battery Charging System is perfect for your Galaxy S III. It doubles up as a battery charger and dock. So even while the standard 2100 mAh spare battery is being charged, you can watch videos, listen to songs or read your favorite newspapers and magazines on the Flipboard app. When you have to leave, the charging unit becomes a compact carrying case for your spare battery. Costs $49.99 h [4]ere [4]. If you are looking for a desktop dock for your Galaxy Note or Galaxy S Blaze 4G, you can get it for $39.99 here [5].

3. If you are looking for a spare Galaxy Note battery, you can get the same 2500mAh one for $39.99 h [6]ere [6].


4. If you want a battery or dock for a Samsung device that’s not mentioned above, you can search for it here [1].

~Zahid H Javali