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Battery Types

Battery Types

Did you know that there are three different types of batteries that can be used for computers? If you’re a computer owner who knows a lot about the little stuff, you may already know this, but if don’t or if you’re just interested, I’m here to fill you in! All computer batteries fall under three major categories: a backup battery, a bridge battery and a main battery.

The backup battery is also known as the “CMOS battery,” which is what holds your computer’s settings in place (like the time and the date). This battery helps your computer to remember the basic settings that you put into place and it allows you to reboot your computer without having to re-enter all that information again and again. The bridge battery is often found within portable computers and is used as a backup for the main battery. You can use this one to save a little power on the main battery.

Lastly is the main battery. This type is only used with portable computers and it is used as the alternate source of power when a computer is not connected through the wall outlet. This is one that is used the most by computer owners like you! Now you know some battery information that you can take with you forever!

~ Erin