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Be Among The First To Test The New Internet Explorer

Want to be among the first to test out the next version of Internet Explorer? Microsoft is offering developers and others who like to be among the first to try things out the latest version of Internet Explorer.

The company is looking for feedback from users and developers on the new features of this version of the popular browser. The idea is for developers to try out their webpages and programs in this version, so they can take advantage of the new features and also to work out any bugs. The company has included new tools in the program to help out developers, including WebDriver support within Internet Explorer and an updated WebGL.

One new feature that should appeal to game developers is the ability use add multiple game controllers that can be connected with JavaScript.

To download the new version of IE, click here. [1]

You’ll see the option to download the developer version in the upper right.  Versions are available for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. The website will automatically detect which operating system you are using. This will NOT replace your current version of Internet Explorer. It installs the developer version as a separate program.

You’ll be asked to agree to the terms of service and you may also have to agree to allow the program to make changes to your computer. The terms of service do allow the program to report crashes and your browsing history to Microsoft. It’s understandable that they want the data, but it’s equally understandable if you prefer not share. You can either skip the download or make sure to use another browser for private browsing and the developer version just for playing around.

It will take a few minutes to download. You’ll be notified when installation is finished.

Go to Apps (if using Windows 8.1) or All Programs (if using Windows 7) to find Internet Explorer Developer and launch by clicking the icon.

If you develop games or have a business or belong to an organization or church with a website, this is a great way to find out if your product or site will work with the upcoming version of Internet Explorer. If you are just a curious person, it’s interesting to explore the program and check out the changes. This version will only work until the end of 2014. Make a note to uninstall if from your computer by then, so you won’t run into any confusion.

~ Cynthia.