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Be Gone Monster Buttons

Be Gone Monster Buttons

If you’ve ever created a new toolbar button from a macro or some other command that doesn’t’ possess an icon, then you’ve probably been disturbed by the length of the text on the button.

In some cases, macros in particular, the button can be an inch or two long trying to accommodate an incredibly long name you don’t want or need.

The big question is: how to either shorten the button name or use a picture of some sort?

The answer to either option is yes.

(Yeah! :-)

Here’s what you need to do to give your toolbar buttons a little “face lift”.

To edit buttons—and I don’t mean just re-coloring them—you first need to open the Customize window.

You can accomplish this in a couple of ways.

Now that you have the Customize window open you’re ready to customize any button you choose.

Put your mouse pointer over the button to be edited and right click.

You should get a popup menu like this.


For text buttons with names you want to shorten you can use the name field. (Second section of the menu.) Simply delete and add text to get the name you’re looking for.

Then either click outside of the menu or hit the Enter key.

Poof! Displayed name of button changed. (Your wish is my command!)

If you would rather have a picture for the button then you could try choosing Default Style from the bottom area.

I must warn you with this one that some things, such as two different macros, would have the same picture – not a really good way to recognize each macro quickly.

Another way to assign a picture – without drawing it yourself – is to go to the Change Button Image option.

When you settle your mouse pointer over this option a submenu of pictures will pop up, allowing you to pick from several icons.


And yet another option would be to use the Default Style for the basic picture. Then go to the Edit Button Image to alter the picture so you can tell which button goes with each command.

(For information on the Edit Button Image command visit our archives at http://www.worldstart.com/archives/index.htm [1]. You’re looking for the October 24, 2002 issue of MS Office Tips and Tricks.)

When you finish your adjustments simply click the Close button on the Customize window and you’re back on your merry way.

Whatever your choice—you can settle your mind (and streamline your toolbars)—there is a way to shorten those impossible macro buttons we created on Tuesday.

So, for all of you who gave up on that because of the clutter they created, go on back to Tuesday’s newsletter and give it another try.

Clutter need not apply here.

~ April