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One of my favorite activities as a kid was going to the beach. We had two that we visited regularly in my hometown. We did most of our swimming at Lakeview Park, because the zebra mussels took over Century Park and it was no longer conducive to swimming because of having to walk on the shells. At Lakeview Park there were less shells and a lovely sandbar you could swim out to. 

While the focus is on beaches around America (like Find Your Beach), there is also a lot of practical beach going information that can be used anywhere in the world, like human health, pollution, do’s and don’ts, and sun safety to name a few. Navigation is pretty standard – the main page has a Highlights menu that features Basic Information, Plan a Trip, and Beach information just to name a few things. Near the bottom of the page you’ll find a large navigational menu divided up into three categories. They are: Learn About Beaches, Plan a Trip, and How We Protect Beaches.

If you’re trying to find your closest beach, click Find Your Beach, and then type in your City, State, or Zip Code into the search box. This will show you a Google Maps style map of your area with the beaches marked. You can then zoom in and see if there is an advisory, whether the beach is historical, or even if the beach is closed! Use the legend in the lower left corner of the map to decipher the different meanings. This map feature is really cool! 

One of the highlights I wanted to share with you is Beach Kids. It has games, activities, and information about pollution and beach safety. It is a neat way to teach your kids all about beaches. 

http://water.epa.gov/type/oceb/beaches/ [1]