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Before I Die I Want To…

Do you have a bucket list? Is there any one thing you want to accomplish before you die? 

Well that’s exactly the question this site is asking. What do you want to do before you die? People submit photos and one thing they want to do before they die. This site then makes a gallery of it based on location. It opens up to New York City by default. But you can easily switch to other locations by clicking them near the top of the page. 

I still have a lot of things I’d like to do before I die: graduating, traveling the world, knitting a sweater, being proud of myself, etc. But what do you want to accomplish? 

To learn more about the project, check out the About page. The link is at the very top of the page. There you’ll learn the three factors that brought this experiment together, what the intention behind it is, and more. 

Regardless of what the site was intended to do, I think that it makes a statement on its own and allows us to bridge the gap of the Internet and share a human experience by discovering what other people want to accomplish before they die. I found the Hospice photos to be the most profound, because they’re written by people who’ve been given a certain amount of time to live.

To explore the exhibit, you’ll need to use your right arrow key, to scroll the gallery left so you can view more images. 

Check this one out today!

http://beforeidieiwantto.org/usa_nyc.html [1]