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Behind the Name

Have you ever wondered where your name originated? In fact, I’ve always been quite fascinated with the etymology of words, so of course that also includes names.

How do I recommend you browse this site? Well start by typing your first name into the search field under Search for Names, and then clicking the search button, so that you can discover what your name’s history is!

The etymology of names is not all you will find here. You can also Browse Names. This is just above the search area and is setup so that you can browse by alphabetical order or by feminine and masculine.

On the left side of the page you’ll find a menu that has lots of fun name related things for you to check out. You can check out Popular Names, Namesakes, play with the Random Renamer, and even check out Anagram Names, and Name Themes.

Whether you have a baby on the way to name or you’re just curious about your name, you’ll find something fun and interesting to do at this site. Check it out today!



Behind the Name

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“The etymology and history of first names,” is what this site is about. You can read information on Names, and on Etymology. (The study of the origins of words.) But the best part is to type your first name in the search engine and see what comes up. I did mine to show you what you’ll find out about your name.

AMANDA, f., English
Pronounced: a-MAN-da
This name was created in the 17th century by the playwright Colley Cibber. He based it on Latin amanda meaning “lovable”.

What kind of interesting things can you find out about your name? Check it out.

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