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Belarc Advisor

Have you ever wondered just how secure your computer is? Do you struggle with pinpointing exactly where flaws could be and how to fix them? Well, I have a found a free advisory tool that will tell you exactly what problems may be lurking in your computer and in what places. The best part of this program is that is is 100% FREE!

Upon initially downloading the program, it had me do an update to download the newest Security Definitions. This was very simple and only took a few minutes.










After this was complete, it took me to a web page within minutes that showed me everything I would ever need to know about My Computer. I was simply shocked how much information it was able to gather within such a short period of time. It told me everything from what Operating System I had, down to a detailed description of every Windows update I have done since I installed Windows 7. It also gave me a simple score at the top of the page, showing me important things that needed to be done to my machine.



While this program is designed to give you so much information that you may not know what to do with, you will still need to take action to correct your computer. Please note: this focuses mainly on security issues and separate updates may also need to be applied from places like the Windows Update website.

All in all, I found this be one of the best advisory programs on the market today. It seems like nothing, and I mean nothing, gets past it. So, go ahead and give it a shot – lets see how truly secure we all really are. Click here [3] for your free download.