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BellSouth E-mail Scam

BellSouth E-mail Scam

Is BellSouth your ISP? Or more importantly, do you use BellSouth for your e-mail service? If so, you definitely need to listen to this. Another new phishing scam is already in progress and this time, it’s targeting BellSouth users via their e-mail accounts. As you can probably figure out, this is the perfect set up for the scammers and with you being a trusting BellSouth user, they can easily get the information they want out of you. To learn more about this, keep reading!

If you’re caught by this scam, you will receive an e-mail that is supposedly from BellSouth (from the e-mail address of support@bellsouth.net, to be exact), asking you to verify your account with them. When you click on the link, you’re then asked to send a copy of your credit card to another link within the e-mail. They then go on to tell you they need this information in order to update your account. And here’s an even bigger kicker: the scammers also tell you they need this information so that they can keep you protected from other scams and identity theft. How clever!

The e-mail looks very legit and it’s put together in a nice fashion, so it’s easy to fall for. I mean, why wouldn’t you trust your ISP with something like this? Well, either way you look at it, don’t give in! It’s a fraudulent e-mail and you will only cause yourself more problems if you give them the information they want. Know that BellSouth will never ask you for that kind of information through an e-mail. If there’s a problem with your account, they will call you personally. So, what can you do about this? Well, delete the e-mail for starters. And then just keep your eyes peeled for unusual e-mails like this. Sometimes your own common sense can save you from a world of trouble. Stay safe, my friends!

~ Erin