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Better Background

Better Background

Note: Although this is another MS Office tip, it can benefit you in more ways than one. It does involve MS Word, but it will help you more with your daily computer activities and that’s something we all can enjoy!

Do you go through a lot of documents when you’re working on your computer? Doesn’t that tend to strain your eyes a little? I know it even happens to me sometimes. There are so many people in this world who work with Word documents that complain about eye problems. The main cause of this seems to be because of the white background Word offers. Well, lucky for all of us, Microsoft does have an alternative for that background color. How does blue sound to you?

Let’s see how we can do this from the following steps.

1.) Open a Word Document by going to Start, All Programs, Microsoft Word.

2.) From the menu bar, click Tools.

3.) Select Options from the drop down menu.

4.) The Options dialogue box will open. Select the General tab.

5.) Now you will find a check box that says “Blue background, white text.” Click to select it so that you have a tick mark on the box.

6.) Click OK to save the changes and to close the options dialogue box.

Now, go back to your Word document. See the difference? Yes, now it has a blue background and when you type, the text will be all white. Try this for a few days and you should see a drastic change on the eye strain you’ve been experiencing.

Try this for yourself and feel the difference!

~ M. Nagarajan