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Better Book Titles

Today’s site is a humorous look at literature. How you may well ask? Well, the site picks popular books and then gives them better, funnier,  (and possibly more appropriate) book titles. 

To navigate the page is easy. It is set up blog style, so you just scroll down the page. When you’ve reached the bottom of the page you can either click the “Full Library” link to go to the archive, or you can click “More” to keep navigating page by page.

Personally, I prefer the Full Library [1]view. You can see all the posts for each month, and as you scroll down you can just click on the cover you want to see bigger. It save you a lot of time slogging through pages of book titles you may not be interested in. There are a lot of classic titles and titles currently on the best sellers list.

I will also warn you that this is not for children, and some of the titles have strong language in them. But for the most part I found them hilarious and still really wanted to share it with all of you. 

http://be [2]tterbooktitles.com/ [2]