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Better Pictures with Your Kodak Camera

Vicki from Wisconsin asks:

When I use my Kodak program to print pictures, they always turn out so dark! Is there any way I can reset the program?

Kodak has a number of driver, firmware, and software downloads. These are each available for many products Kodak carries. Upgrading a current printing program from Kodak can often solve many issues that might be occurring. Each upgrade offers new features that enable customers to do more with the product they already own. There are downloads offered by Kodak for digital cameras, printers, and other consumer accessories.

The most popular type of software is the Kodak Easyshare download that is available for free. This excellent software allows people to organize, create, and share photos right from their personal computer. Keeping family and friends up to date with pictures is a very popular technique used by anyone with a personal computer. Posting current pictures on any of the major social network pages is also a quick process using this software.

Organizing pictures with features such as keyword tagging or rating systems can make individual shots much easier to find. Editing each photo to enhance the overall quality is easily done with a few clicks of the mouse. There is also Kodak inkjet software that allows photos and documents to be updated with a few simple steps.

Whichever program is being used, it’s important to follow the downloading instructions and learn all about your new download. Make sure you have the correct system requirements and a monitor that supplies optimal resolution. Having a monitor with low resolution will cause your pictures to be displayed at a lower quality, which might make them appear to be worse off than they really are.

If you print off photos that seem to be a bit darker than they ought to be, then there are a few steps you can take to remedy this. First of all, make sure the flash is on when taking a photo. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the software. When the flash isn’t on at appropriate times, it can definitely cause the picture to be much darker than it needs to be. Trying to get these dark photos to lighten up is virtually impossible, since the original picture started off so dark. The colors will likewise have to be adjusted as the photo is made brighter.

You could also step closer so that the subject in the photo is more within flash range. Another tip would be to position the light so that it is in front of the person or object in the picture, instead of behind. Sometimes getting a photo to not turn out dark in the first place is easiest.

The Kodak Easyshare program and the inkjet software both have editing features that allow you to easily lighten a picture. You can make the entire image brighter or go for a fun effect, such as the ‘spotlight’ effect. The desired picture has to be opened before any editing can be done. Once you have the picture up on your monitor, then you can click on the edit tool that is above the photo. Each type of editing tool is labeled, so that you know what each one does.


You will be given the option to keep the picture after you’ve doctored it up or put it back to its original state. There are two save options; save the current photo and override the original or save the current photo as something else and keep the original intact. It’s up to you.

There are times when the camera is the culprit behind dark photos and others when your monitor may make them appear brighter. Occasionally camera and monitor settings will be accidentally moved and this can cause pictures to appear dark or light before they ever make it to the printer. A reset procedure is often available for most digital cameras and monitors. Depending on the type of camera or monitor being used, there might be different procedures for resetting it.

Some cameras require the download cable to be used for the resetting process. The cable will need to be attached to the computer and the camera before the procedure can take place. The mode switch has to be on ‘connect’ and then the PC should be turned on. One form of resetting includes the following steps, once the cord has been attached and the computer turned on:

Press and hold the power button
Hold the self timer
Then shutter and release the power button
Press the self timer again
Shutter one more time

As mentioned before, this is only one of the reset procedures described for some cameras. Each camera and monitor comes with a set of instructions and detailed information on how to reset so be sure to review your documentation for further details.

Hopefully these details will help you find, or at least narrow down, the reason behind your dark photo prints and to locate the resetting method for your particular camera, monitor, or update download.

~Cory Buford