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Bing in Different Countries

So, say you want to view search results from a different part of the world – what’s the simplest way? Well, if you’re using Microsoft’s Bing search engine the answer is easier than you think! Follow along, and I’ll show you how to change it so you can search country-specific results!

First, browse over to Bing.com. In the upper right-hand corner you’ll see the option to sign in. Near that, you’ll also see United States (or the country in which you currently reside). Click on it.


On the resulting page, you’ll see a host of different countries to choose from. Simply select the one which you’d like to use as a search platform. I chose Japan.


When Bing redirects you back to the main page, you’ll notice that the background image has changed to reflect the country you’re searching in. Now, perform a search and check out the results. They should all be relevant to your chosen country!

To go back to your native country’s search platform, first click¬†English, which is located in the upper-right, then click the country name to select your home country again.¬†

Let’s hear it for country jumpin’!