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Bing Rewards

Okay, I’ll admit that I don’t use Bing as my main search engine. Why should I when Google and Yahoo! have worked just fine for me this whole time?

Well, I decided to swing by and see what the ol’ Bingster was up to today, and I noticed this graphic in the top right-hand corner.

Turns out that Bing really wants you to use their search engine – so much so that they’ve implemented a credit system that rewards you for searching through them! So, I said “what the hey” and signed up. Note: you may need to create a Windows Live ID to do this.

It’s pretty easy to earn credits – you just click your credit counter, accomplish tasks listed and watch your tally go up.

When you’ve accumulated enough, you can head over to the Bing Store and get all sorts of stuff like DVDs, gift cards and more!

Give it a try today – if you’re ready to get Bingy with it, that is.