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BIOS Password On Acer Laptop: How To Remove?

John from Yuma, AZ writes:

My Grandson loaned his Acer laptop to a friend and he somehow changed the password in the BIOS. I am somewhat computer savvy and have tried everything that I know, all to no avail. Acer will fix the problem for a couple of hundred dollars and the place where it was purchased (Best Buy) will not touch it even, though it was still under warranty. How can I access the BIOS and change the password or even eliminate it all together?


I’ve got some bad news for you: it won’t be simple few clicks to remove the BIOS password. You will need to remove the CMOS battery to reset the BIOS password and that requires a skilled technician or someone comfortable with disassembling laptops.

The good news is that any local PC repair technician should be able to perform the surgery your laptop needs. When you contact local computer repair shops, ask what the charge will be to clear a CMOS password for an Acer laptop. Comparing quotes from a few companies is a good idea but expect to pay for roughly one hour of labor. The price should range anywhere between $40 and $100.

If you feel comfortable disassembling the laptop yourself, you can look for the service manual online. In the manual will be instructions for replacing CMOS battery. Disconnecting the battery for a minute then reconnecting it should reset your bios to default, clearing the password.

Once the password has been reset you should go into the bios and set a supervisor password. This password won’t be needed to boot the computer, but will be required to make any changes to the bios settings, so this situation does not happen again.


P.S. This is the 21st century version of breaking a neighbors window playing baseball in the alley. The other boy should be responsible for repaying the cost of the repair. If this was my child’s friend who did this, I’d have quite a few bags of leaves to rake and weeds to be pulled while I enjoyed a relaxing Sunday.