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We used this term in yesterday’s digital photography tip and I got to thinking that some of you may not even know what a bitmap is. So, I figured I would share the definition with you all today! How does that sound? Okay, here we go!

Basically, all of the digital photos that you take with your digital camera are composed completely of bitmaps when you first place them on your computer. It is just a map of dots (or bits) that make up what your picture is supposed to look like. As long as you’re sitting far enough away from your computer screen, the picture will look normal, but if you get closer, you will only see a bunch of little dots. The larger you make the image, the more choppy it will look as well.

Bitmaps come in a range of file types, including BMP (which is the original bitmap format), JPEG, GIF, PICT and TIFF. So, once you have the picture on your computer, you can set its format and then continue to edit your picture to make it look exactly the way you imagined. Then once you have the photo edited just right and you have it at the correct size on your computer, you can print the image out or use it any way you want. Cool, huh?!

~ Erin