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Bitstrips -Cartoon Yourself

I am all sorts of addicted to Bitstrips, and it is entirely my sister’s fault. She started sharing bitstrips that she made on Facebook, and I checked it out and got hooked. So let me pass on the addiction to you!

So what is Bitstrips? It’s a really cool comic creator where you create an avatar and then can make comics in a snap via Facebook! And if your friends use Bitstrips you can use their avatars in a friend comic. Then you can share those comics as status updates as well as make greeting cards.

To get started, click the large green arrow that reads: Get Started by Designing your Avatar. It will whisk you to Facebook where you’ll need to accept the permissions for the app, and then you can get started with your avatar. You have complete control over what your avatar looks like – head, facial features, hair, body type, clothing, etc. 

Then once you have an avatar you can start making comics! But I warn you, it gets addicting. 

I think it is really cool, so if you use Facebook – check it out! 

http://bitstrips.com/ [1]