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Blank on Blank -Unheard Interviews Raw

Blank on Blank is an awesome non-profit site that brings you unheard interviews that they’ve produced with music to bring you a look into the future of storytelling. 

On the main page, you’ll find their first episode posted (an interview with Larry King from 2001 for Esquire magazine) and you’ll find some navigation options. At the top there is a menu that has Vintage Audio, Interviewers, Your Tapes and PBS Series as categories. If you scroll down beneath the first episode, you’ll find access to the same categories and a little bit of information about each one. 

Vintage Audio – here you’ll find audio clips that have been produced with music, images, and presented to you in a video format. Pick the interview you want to see/listen to and get ready for a real treat as you hear interviews that haven’t been aired before.

Interviewers – here you’ll find the listing of contributing interviewers, there’s a little blurb about each one and then you can click a link to be whisked away to the collection of the interviews on the site.

Animated Videos – this is similar to what you saw if you watched the first episode. Here is where you’ll find the other episodes. You can find this section by scrolling past the first episode on the main page and clicking Watch under animated interviews and then scrolling past the first episode again and clicking Click Here after More Animated Interviews. Or follow this link [1]

This is a really cool take on interviews from cultural icons that have defined our world, check them out today!

http://blankonblank.org/ [2]