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Blank Your Monitor + Easy Read: Firefox Extension

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: staring at your computer screen at night is very unpleasant for the eyes. Websites with a lot of white space can feel almost blinding, and contribute to eye strain and headaches. Last week, I decided I was fed up with staring at my glowing screen, so I went looking for a solution. I found a plugin called Blank Your Monitor + Easy Read, and I am excited to show it to you!

Blank Your Monitor + Easy Read is a pretty simple Firefox extension, but once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

To begin, head over to the add-on download page [1] and select Continue to Download.

Accept the end user license agreement by clicking Accept and Install.

Once Firefox restarts, you won’t notice anything new right away. To use Blank Your Monitor, simply click Control + Alt + B on your keyboard, and the watch as the current website transforms into black and green. Just look at how much more pleasant and theater-like YouTube appears:

This extension works for any website you want. Surfing the web will instantly become much more soothing on your eyes. Check out the New York Times’ website.

Do you ever find it difficult to read articles online because of all the distracting advertisements and menu bars, and gobbledygook?!

Easy Read lets you view any article or text on a plain black screen for distraction-free reading. To utilize this feature simply highlight a passage of text, right-click and select Easy Read (or use the keyboard shortcut Control + Alt+ Z).

The minimalistic appearance makes online reading much more enjoyable for me. I hope you love this Firefox extension as much as I do!

~ Jay Neil Patel