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Blinded by the Pop-up

David from Miami Beach, FL asks:

In Windows 7, frequently a window gets on top and blocks any access to other windows unless I minimize it. If I open a new window it opens up behind the window on top. If I reboot or close and reopen the application the problem disappears for a while, but then comes back.

David, I’m afraid that, in order to answer this completely, I’ll need a little more information.

Just in case, however – If the window is from a program on your computer, it’s possible that you have an option selected in that program to have it “always on top”.  For instance, from the general settings section of the “preferences” menu of my favorite media player, Gom, you have this:

If that’s the case, simply uncheck the box and you should be good to go.  Another (more likely) possibility is that you’ve got some sort of virus or malware on your system.  Run a virus and malware scan and see if that fixes the problem.

~Randal Schaffer