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Block an Address in Gmail

We all get those annoying emails from people. They could be spammers or even people we know that send explicit or even harassing emails. Many times these emails are forwarded messages from people you do not even know. Who has time to read all of them? We know we sure don’t! Gmail does not have a blacklist for emails like other web services do. So how do you block an email address?

You will need to create a filter to blacklist the sender’s email address that will send the offending email straight to the trash where it belongs. You will also have other ways to deal with these unwanted emails, as you will see in a few minutes.

Log into your Gmail account and put a check next to each email address you want to block. Click on More Actions at the top of the screen. Click Filter Messages like these.


The create filter window will display. Notice that the email addresses you want to block are in the From field. Verify that the email addresses are correct. You can also block a whole domain if you would like. These would be emails with @spam.com, @spammer.com, etc. You will need to remove the user part of the email, leaving only @ with the domain name. You also have the option to block emails that have certain words or do not have certain words by entering that information in the appropriate box. Once you have done this click the Next Step button.


Put a checkmark in the box next to the action you want. For example, if you want the email deleted immediately check Delete it. Any emails from those senders will go directly to Trash. You can also choose Skip the Inbox, Archive it, Mark as read, Star it, Apply a label, Forward it, Send canned response, and Never send to spam. Sometimes you may want to see the email before you delete it just in case. If you choose to delete it, the email will sit in your trashcan for 30 days before it is removed permanently.


After clicking the Create Filter Button the filter will automatically become active. You will find it listed under SettingsFilters in case you need to edit it or delete it.


We know these kinds of emails can become annoying and even time consuming. Hopefully this tip has helped you take care of this problem.

~Rita Wood