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Block Email and Domains on Myspace

Is there a way I can block certain email addresses and domain names in MySpace Email?

Yep, there sure is! It is very simple and only takes a minute to do, too.

Ok, lets get started.

Login into your MySpace email account click the Mail Link, then Settings. Scroll to Blocked Senders. From here you can block an email address or a domain name.

Type the email address you want to block in the box, for instance blockemail@domain.com. Click the Block Sender button.

if you want to block a domain name I would type it as goway.com and then click the Block Sender button.


To Unblocked an Email Address / Domain Name

After you have blocked an email address or domain name it will be shown in the text area like the one shown in the image below. If you want to unblocked a name, highlight and click on the one you want to unblocked then click the Delete button.


If all was successful you will get a little green message like the one below letting you know your changes has been made. It may take a minute for the changes you made to take an effect or you may have to log out and in again to see the results. If not try to do it again.


Your changes have been saved! Please allow a few minutes for the changes to take effect.

It just that easy!