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I have fond memories of building things with blocks as a kid. Whether they were wooden blocks or something fancier like Legos or Tinker Toys, they encouraged my mind to create things. I was looking for a block building set for a friend when I found this site among the search results. After checking it out –  and seeing that it was a site that provided an online version of building with blocks – I couldn’t wait to try what I inadvertently stumbled across!

There are some links on the main page you might want to investigate before diving right in. They are the Official Blockcorner Quickstart Guide (a must read), the FAQ page, and you’ll want to check and make sure you have the Shockwave plugin (note: I didn’t have it and clicked the link to start building and it automatically downloaded for me). When you’re ready to begin, just click the Go into the Blockcorner link.

What I like about this is combines basic programming (why you should read the Quickstart Guide) and allows you to play with building blocks at the same time. This is a great and fun way to introduce kids to programming, or to start to dabble in it yourself.

I hope you have fun with this foray into programming and block building! I know I did!

http://www.blockcorner.com/ [1]