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Blocked Senders List Missing

My Outlook Express Blocked Senders list disappeared and whenever I add new addresses they vanish too. What’s going on?

Somewhere along the line the registry key for the OE Blocked Senders became corrupt.

If you are comfortable editing the registry you can reset your blocked senders key and rebuild it.

First, close OE and open the registry by going to Start/Run and typing in “regedit” (without the quotes)

**It’s a good idea to back up your registry before making any changes. If you don’t know how to back up your registry, here’s what to do…

Locate the “Block Senders” key. It should be here…

Identities/{big long number}
Outlook Express/version
Block Senders


All of your old entries are probably there under “Mail/Criteria”. Scroll down to the last few entries since these are the most likely culprits—right click and Delete.

Open Outlook Express and see if your blocked sender list is back. If not, then go back to the registry then right-click “Blocked Senders” and Delete then close the registry.

You’ll need to rebuild your list but it shouldn’t disappear any more unless you corrupt the registry again.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas