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Blocking Facebook App Requests

Karen from Australia writes:

A reader named Barbara asked how to block Facebook posts regarding games and game requests. Could you please give me a detailed description of where to go on Facebook to turn these apps off please? Thanks for all the great hints, they are very much appreciated, Karen.

Barbara from Florida writes:
Is there any way to block Facebook posts regarding games and game requests?

Hi, Karen and Barbara!

I know exactly how you feel!  I hate getting all of those game requests, too.  Read below to solve this problem.

1.  Click on Home to get to the main page of Facebook.  This will take you to the page where you see what your friends’ are posting (in the center) and you see ads (on the right).

2.  Look to the top right.  The first thing you will probably see is the Ticker.  This is the list that shows you the actions of your friends.  Right below that is an area that lists both the events you are invited to and any app requests.  In the picture below, I have my ticker minimized (see the grey arrow right above the 12th Annual Integrit… item?).  In the yellow box are my outstanding apps–and like you, I’ve just been ignoring them.  :-)

Outstanding Apps

2.  Click on your outstanding apps–it’s actually a link.  For me, in the picture above, I would click on the “20+ other app requests” link.  This will take you to the App Center, shown in the screen below.

App Center

3.   Click on the X at the right side of box of the app requesting access.  Below, the X is surrounded by a yellow box:

App Center

4.  You will get an orange notification saying you “hid” the app. 

*  Immediately below that, there is a link asking you if you want to block that app.
*  Below this link, there is a different link asking if you want to ignore all requests from that certain person.

See these options in the picture below.

 Delete Request

If you want to simply ignore this request but have the opportunity to access this app later, you are done.  If you want to actually block the app for good, continue as shown below.


To Continue to Block the App…

5.  Click on the link asking if you want to block the app.  The following confirmation screen will appear.


6.  Click Okay.  You will receive a confirmation message.


7. Click Close.

That app is now blocked and will no longer bother you!

I hope this makes your Facebook experience much more enjoyable and less confusing!

~Karen Powers Liebhaber