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Blocking Facebook Game Requests And Notifications

Barbara from Florida writes:

Is there any way to block Facebook posts regarding games and game requests?

Besides being a monumental waste of time, Facebook game notifications and requests gunk up your feed and make it more difficult to view the posts and comments you actually want to see. Since switching to the “Timeline” view and adding the extra ticker feed, game notifications have been lessened, but they can still be a problem if you have several friends who are prolific app users.

If constant Farmville requests have you fuming and an endless stream of Gang Wars notifications have you ready to pull out your own gat, there are several ways to stop all the unwanted junk in your feed.
The quickest and simplest way to prevent game posts from showing up in your Facebook feed is to locate an offending post and click the “down arrow” icon at the top-right corner. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and click the option to hide all notifications from that specific app, such as “Hide All From Farmville.” From that point onward you will no longer receive any annoying notifications from that particular Facebook game.

If your friend or family member generally only posts game notifications or uses other apps you have no interest in, you may want to simply hide most posts from that person. Click the “down arrow” icon again on any post from that person and select the “Only Important” option to only see the most important posts from that friend.

Hiding Farmville Notifications

Turning off game notifications is handled differently if you had previously accessed the app or clicked any of the game’s links. To access the list of games active on your Facebook account, locate the “Apps” heading at the left side of the window and click the “More” link.

Locating Game Apps

Find the name of the specific game creating the unwanted notifications and click the “Pencil” icon to the left of the game’s heading. Click “Remove App” if you want to completely delete the game. If you’d rather still have the option to play, but don’t want to receive any notifications, instead select the “Edit Settings” button.

Editing Game Settings

Find the “Notifications” heading at the bottom of the “Edit Settings” window. Click the drop-down menu located to the far right of the heading and select “Never.” Click the “Close” button to save the change.

Turning Off Notifications

You may also have received game invites from friends that you never got around to removing. To find these invites, click the “More” button next to the “Apps” heading again and click the link labeled “Apps and Games.” Locate the game invites at the top of the list of recommended games, and click the blue “X” icon at the top-right corner of one of the invitations.

Removing Invites

Click the option to block that app or game’s notifications, such as “Block Bejeweled” or “Block Flixter,” in the list of links that appear after selecting the “X” icon. If you no longer want to get invites for any apps from that friend, instead click the “Ignore All Requests” link.

Blocking Invitations

~ Ty Arthur