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Blog Traffic

Blog Traffic

It seems that everyone and their brother have a blog nowadays. No matter how shy anyone might be, they want everyone to come and read their blogs. If you are an experienced blogger, you know that there’s simply nothing more tragic than building up a nice blog, full of interesting content and getting no or very little visitors. After all, wouldn’t you like at least 100 comments to every blog post that you write? Well, of course we can’t force someone to come and visit our blogs, but we can at least do what the pros call SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This, in plain and simple English, means preparing your blog for optimized search engines.

With the advent of Google, traffic coming from search engines is very important in today’s context. The simplest and best way to grow in Google rankings is to get links from other Web sites/blogs and put them on your own. Think of every link from other sites as a vote of confidence for your blog. The higher the ranking of that site, the better it will be for you. One thing you should make sure of though is that the Web site linking to your blog should be similar to your own. Now, you can’t force somebody to link to your Web site from their blog or their personal Web page, but there are a few things you can certainly do to get noticed.

1.) Make sure your blog or personal page has quality content on it. Unless you are George W. Bush or Michael Jackson, chances are, the blog post about your new hamster won’t really interest a lot of people. On the other hand, if you chose to write a really insightful post about last week’s football game, you might find a few more interested readers. Then, once a visitor is hooked, they will probably eventually turn into a regular reader.

2.) Say baseball is your life and you decide to start a blog about it. Then let’s say that you end up writing, what according to your mother, are the ten greatest blog posts ever written about baseball. What next? Well, the best thing to do is find other blogs about baseball, especially sites or blogs written by prominent bloggers. Once you read their posts, comment them. By a comment, I don’t mean comments like “Nice post!” or “Just dropped to say hi!” To generate any interest in your own blog, you have to leave quality comments. They need to be relevant to the actual blog post. Not only will this make the blog owner notice your blog, but it will also tempt some of the other bloggers who visit that blog too. They will most likely be intrigued if your comments are interesting enough. The more people that visit your blog, the better your chances of gaining regular readers.

3.) Most of the people find new Web sites or blogs with the help of search engines. If search engines do not list your blog, how do you expect people to find it? So, to resolve this, you should go and submit your blog to directories and search engines. All search engines and directories have the “Submit Your Link” feature that lets you submit your own link for their consideration. Now, before you do that, make sure you assemble a relevant list of keywords to go along with your submission. As an example, you can see the very simple Google “Add Your URL” page below.

4.) Swap links with other bloggers. If you like reading a blog, give them a link back to yours. Most people will simply link back to your site if they discover you have linked their blog from yours. Similarly, also post links to useful sites that you think your readers might find useful. Everybody loves a good resource.

5.) Make sure your blog has XML and RSS feeds enabled. This is handy for the readers who use RSS readers or other software to read blogs. If you want to sell your goods, they need to be easily accessible.

These are some of the simple and free things you can do to make your blog popular and increase your visitors. Though these tricks are bound to work, remember that nothing will attract readers back to your blog like good content. Content is the king!

~ Yogesh Bakshi