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This isn’t actually a download, but if you downloaded Hello [1] then you may already be familiar with the Blogger. It’s not a 1950’s Sci-Fi monster from the gelatin family, though it sounds like it, it’s a component of Hello that can turn your PC into an image sharing, blogging machine.

Think it takes years of education, complete understanding of the web, or some knack in order to post your thoughts and pictures on the Internet? Maybe you think you have no real need for a website, so why put forth all the time and effort in creating one? If either of these situations sounds familiar then you may like this free Blog site, complete with all the trim’ns.

By being a plug-in for Hello, but is not wholly dependant on it. If you’re interested in using Blogger then you’ll need either Hello or an account directly from Blogger.com. If you have Hello installed, open it up and select the “Bloggerbot” Icon on the right side of the main interface. This will generate a log in/create new user page, choose the “create your blog now” button and follow the wizard. The wizard will walk you through the process of setting up your user profile and your Blog’s visual characteristics.

Once this is done you have a Blog site, or “spot” as they call it, and can now start posting. You may feel a little like a fish out of water for a while, but you will shortly get the hang of it and probably be blown away by how simple it really is. There is all sorts of help and support in the forums, in depth help guides, knowledge base, a most common known issues list, and even a tech support ticket system (email support) which all helps to create a guide line of sorts to help young bloggers to stay the course.

Not only can you post text, but with Hello you can easily post pictures directly to your Blog complete with captions, and they will be resized to what ever you set your template for on the Blog. You can also invite your friends, family, and colleagues to visit your Blog through Hello, or email and they can add pictures or comments—it’s totally up to you, Blog master.

You can post from anywhere and also from any device that can send email. That’s right! Let’s say you’re away from home for some reason but you want to post something to your Blog, well pull our your cell phone with Internet access and get’r done. Oh, you can also post audio clips to your email, and not only from your PC but from any phone. That’s not a typo—you really can post an audio file to your Blog from any phone, the Blogger takes it, converts it, and posts it for others to hear.

Even if you are mildly interested in posting a blog, you can do it at your own pace—there’s no rule that you have to continuously post. It’s a great way to do like a family and friends Newsletter, keeping everyone up to date on current goings on.

You have to check this one out—it really is outstanding and one of the best features I’ll do all year when combined with Hello and Picasa. Get it, set it up, and do some posting. You’ll love it I guarantee… well, at least you’ll think it’s really cool.


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~ Chad

Chad Stelnicki