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Blogging with Tumblr

Blogging has changed the way we use news media. In this modern era, news media is divided into online news content from Web 2.0 sites and newspaper content that is the traditional news most people prefer to read. However, no matter what ventures newspapers make to establish an online business, they will always be distinct and a step behind blogs.

A newspaper has a privileged class of authors and content writers. While some of them might be no match for your level of expertise in writing and content delivery, they are the masters of their profession because of the media house brand with which they are associated. This has generated increased interest amongst people to open up their own blog. This gives them an immense amount of freedom of speech, lets them connect to users directly through their comments and lets them feel like journalists.

The standalone blogging platform, the champion of them all is undoubtedly, WordPress. It is a state of the art application developed using PHP and fulfills as well as redefines all the basic requirements of a blog. Automattic, the company behind WordPress constantly manages and updates the platform to provide uninterrupted service to the thousands of blogs around the world that have been setup on WordPress. However, sometimes, we want something less than a full-fledged blog. For instance, if you want to update an image you came across over the internet to your blog, doing it on WordPress is not worth the time and effort. It is simply too much work and we are left looking for alternatives. Putting it on Facebook sometimes serves this purpose. Others might want to take a more personalized approach. This brings short-blogging services like Tumblr into the story.

Here are quite a few reasons to use Tumblr:

1. Simple and intuitive controls, less clutter and no unnecessary options.
2. Availability of a wide range of apps for blogging from cellphones, browser extensions, and loads of extensible controls that let you post content on the fly.
3. Options to integrate with Twitter and Facebook for wider coverage, allowing users to cross post to these sites too.
4. A built in community that interacts with you. Tumblr has a dedicated base of users.
5. Support for setting up the blog with your domain.

Although defined as a microblogging platform, Tumblr is not a microblogging platform in the true sense. On the other hand, Twitter is a true microblogging platform.

Starting a Tumblr blog is extremely easy. You sign up at www.tumblr.com and that is a beginning of an awesome journey. Next, you will see a dashboard with a header that looks like this:


This lets you share posts as text, images, quotes, videos, audio and chat. However, before you post, setup your blog for a better blogging experience. This will attract visitors and help you rise through the ranks. Here is how.

Go to Accounts at the top right corner, click on Preferences.


This will take you to a Preferences page. When you get there, click on Customize your blog.


There, you will see this menu bar at the top of the page. This is where we customize the blog.


Start with the name. Your blog name leaves a lasting impression, so choose your name, title and description carefully.


Looks matter, and so does the theme of your blog. Select it here.


Here, you can also set up multiple accounts linked to your Tumblr blog, under the Services tab. This is the heart of your blog and establishes it as a network. You can also create RSS feeds for your blog and integrate it with FeedBurner as well. This will help people read your blog content on the fly as soon as you update it and subscribe to it for future reference. Feed readers add to visitor counts as well.


The next list allows you to customize and tweak the looks of your blog and is important for SEO and content management. This option marks the end of a list of customizations. I would advise you not to truncate RSS feeds as it sucks out the very essence of having a RSS feed option.


Tumblr is a powerful tool and is used extensively. It can bring back the fun in writing a blog as a personal diary and is thus favored by many people who own a WordPress blog. They use Tumblr seamlessly for their personal updates and for sharing their interesting finds on the Internet. Visit some of these Tumblr blogs to get a taste:


~Chinmoy Kanjilal