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Blox Forever

Sometimes when I’m really stressed out, I just need to play a game on the computer for a half an hour and let my mind be engaged in something else. I really like to pick games that are also engaging my brain. 

With that said today I’m bringing you Blox Forever, a game that will challenge your brain with block puzzles. When you arrive at the site a short advertisement will play, and then the game will load. The game has music and my roommate finds it annoying so I played with the sound off. 

To get started click Play Game! Get ready to puzzle your way through ten challenging levels. Each level that introduces a new concept will have instructions before hand. The levels get progressively more difficult as you beat them. 

The game is easy to navigate, you just use your mouse to move the blox and make matches by pairing them in like colors. As you progress there will be match threes, blocks that don’t match, and lava!  I’m currently stuck on level 7 but I’m working my way through it.  

How will you do? Go challenge your brain today!

http://www.miniclip.com/games/blox-forever/en/ [1]