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Blu-ray Player + Internet = Great Entertainment

For my last birthday I received a Blu-ray player and the box said that the player would work with streaming videos from online video streaming services such as Netflix and VUDU.


Time to do some investigating…

I quickly found that if you connect the player to the Internet then you can subscribe to one of the services that the player supports and stream content from their site at any time you choose.

It turns out that a player can be connected to the Internet either by a cable or Wi-Fi through a wireless router.

To use a cable you’ll need to have not only the cable itself,  but also an Internet access point nearby. (I would have had to run a cable across the living room, so I’m thankful that I had a wireless router already in the house ready to go.)

If you’ve got a player that has built-in Wi-Fi and you have a wireless router in the house, then you’re in a great position to get online, sign up for a service and get things started.

However, if your player isn’t Wi-Fi ready then you’ll probably have to purchase an adapter to make that connection.

I bought an adapter for my player, and I do have a word to the wise – be sure to get the correct adapter. When I looked the information up in the owner’s manual it was very, very clear that there was only one adapter that would work with my system.

After purchasing the correct adapter all I had to do was to plug it into the USB port in the back of my player and connect the player to the router just like I did with my laptop and iPod. The player detected the Wi-Fi and asked for the password. It was that easy.

Once it was connected I signed up for Netflix and followed the simple directions that both Netflix and my owner’s manual provided. Basically you have to use a code provided by your player with Netflix to establish the account.


My player is now connected, I have my subscription to Netflix and I there’s more content to pick from then I would have ever imagined.

If you’ve got a Blu-ray player that has this feature, then I highly recommend that you check it out! You could find some great entertainment (not to mention savings over rental or cable costs) through a piece of equipment that’s already sitting in your house.

~ April