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Blurry Photos Gallery

Welcome to the Blurry Photos Gallery. It’s exactly what it says it is: gallery devoted to blurry photos taken with a camera phone. Why am I bringing you this site? Well because a lot of the photos are interesting and not even all that blurry.

Here’s how the site works. You’ll see nine little squares that are thumbnails, and a big white arrow. If you scroll over the photos then you will get a description of the shot and if you click it will make the image larger.

On the larger image you can click near the edge of the photo and the photo will be framed with a white arrow allowing you to move forward through the pictures if you don’t want to use the thumbnails.

After you have viewed the first nine you can click the arrow by the thumbnails and the gallery will scroll forward and you will have nine new images to check out. There are seven pages of images and all but the last page is a complete set of nine. So there are some very interesting pictures here for your viewing pleasure.

Of course if you use the arrow on the large image you can just click through the whole gallery without using the thumbnails or the arrow located next to them. In the long run this site made me want to get a camera phone so I could take pictures of my own that were this neat.