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I think that body image is something that every teen struggles with from time to time. BodiMojo is a site that is dedicated to putting the power in the hands of teens to change how they think about their bodies, teach them how to live healthier, and encourages them to exercise through activities they already love.

What they’ve done is created a community that teens can turn to for information, support, and health tools. They’ll find quizzes, games, videos and more to help them on their road to a healthy life.

I wish I would have had something like this site when I was a teen. Just the idea of having an outlet for my thoughts about my body and how to handle teasing from classmates would have been handy. I was skeleton-thin and had no idea it stemmed from a thyroid issue, and now my weight has swung to the other spectrum. It would have been nice to have gotten a handle on it before it got out of control.

Another aspect of this site that I really love is the HAP*Y Pact. You’ll find it under the parents section, and it provides a way for a parent (or sponsor) to setup a pact with a teen, select some health goals, and then reward the teen when they’ve accomplished it.

This is a very cool site, so check it out today!