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Boni Chainsaw Carving

I absolutely love art in all forms, but I was shocked when I was sent a link to this post on LumberJocks and discovered the level of artistry that can be achieved between man, chainsaw, and wood. Navigation is simple, just scroll down the page. Because this post is image heavy it may take time for all of the images to load if you have a slower connection or older computer, but I promise you it is worth the wait so hang in there. Go grab a cup of coffee or a snack while they load, and come back to check out  well over twenty-five photos posted of Randy Boni’s amazing work carving wood with a chainsaw into deer, bears, raccoons, and even turkeys!

I think that all out of all of the images here – the turkeys are my favorite. I showed them to my co-worker, and he thought they were real turkeys sitting on log and wouldn’t believe me that they were made of wood, let alone that they were carved with a chainsaw.  I like that this post contains images of both the finished products, as well as images of what the peices looked like before they were stained and painted. Especially with the images of those amazing turkeys! It’s stellar to see how the paint or stain used on them brings out all the little details and makes them pop.

Now I couldn’t just stop at viewing what was just posted here. With my super-sleuthing skills I noticed that the very first image contained the link to the artists homepage. If you would like to check out more of Randy Boni’s work, you’ll need to click here [1]. You’ll be whisked away to his site, where you will be greeted by an amazing carving of a horse. It looks like it could easily be a carousel piece. It’s amazing! And that’s just a taste of what else you will discover if you check out the Latest Innovations, Sampler or Work, Master Mantels, Landmarks or Interior Design sections of his site.  You can even learn more about him in the Get to Know Randy section – where you’ll find photos, quotes, and his philosophy.

Are you like my co-worker and can’t believe that this artist makes his marvels with wood and a chainsaw? Well then check out this video [2]!  The video is time-lapsed so that you can watch the entire process from raw tree log to carved work of art. You’ll get to see the master and work! I was amazed at how he uses his chainsaw, so deftly, and intricately to create his vision.

Be sure to check both sites and the video out today! You won’t regret that you did!

http://lumberjocks.com/Grumpy/blog/8378 [3]