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Book Flavor

I love to read, but sometimes it is hard to find new books to read. I stumbled across Book Flavor which has an interesting format for discovering books and getting reviews on them. Check out the What is Book Flavor page for more information on what the site is about.

You’ll notice when the site loads that there are a plethora of book covers waiting to greet you. The books on the main page are on the bestseller’s list, click on one that catches your eye and then you’ll get a summary (as if you were reading the book jacket) and user reviews beneath that. You can switch between the New York Times’ Best Seller List and the Amazon.com Best Seller list by clicking the arrow next to Best Sellers and then selecting the list you want.

But that’s not the only way to discover books and reviews on this site. You can type in a genre in the search engine, for example: science fiction, mystery, fantasy, etc. And it will bring up books that fit into that genre for you to explore.

Or you can type in a book title that you are curious about to see what other people who have read it had to say. I’ve been curious about Stieg Larsson’s Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest series, but haven’t picked up yet. So I checked out the reviews on it and after reading them I’m going to read this entire series.

I like to use this site to find new things to read, or to satisfy my curiosity on books I’m just not sold on by their covers alone. Check it out today!